Covid 19 Procedures Still in Place

To keep the practice safe for everyone and the risk low, please only come if you are well, and do not have cough and cold symptoms.

Please find all COVID 19 procedures here: Updated 10th January 2022 here


Osteopathy is a healthcare system, that assesses how the body is functioning as a whole. Your health is the combination of mind, body and spirit working together.

Osteopaths look at not only the areas of the body that you feel discomfort, but assess  the whole of you to see why you have pain and what your body needs to be able to do to heal it.

Felicity is very experienced in using her hands to ‘listen’ and ‘palpate’ the different tissues of the body enabling her to diagnose and treat effectively. She uses gentle techniques to enable the body to establish better function, movement and balance.

Everybody is unique and so every treatment is uniquely tailored to aid healing of what ever tissues need help, whether it’s in injury, inflammation, irritation, strain, or just doesn’t feel quite right.

“To find health should be the object of the Doctor.  Anyone can find disease.” AT Still, MD DO Philosophy of Osteopathy

Felicity is simply fabulous.  I hadn’t been to an osteopath before so wasn’t sure what to expect but her calm, confident nature quickly put me at ease and her treatments have helped me overcome a variety of health issues and leave me with a lovely sense of wellbeing.  She also has an amazing ability to ask just the right question! I would thoroughly recommend her.

Emma J. 2018