Felicity Booty


I started my training to be an osteopath straight from school, which, as I found out was not commonly done, as many people discover osteopathy later in life and do it as a second career.  So I was lucky enough to be surrounded be very dedicated fellow students right from the start.  I quickly found my style of working with gentle techniques, and when I qualified in 2001; after 4 years of training; I was invited to join a practice in Norfolk which specialised in these gentle techniques called Cranial Osteopathy.  I then completed 3 years of further learning, apprentice to a very experienced osteopath, with extra post graduate study as well.

In 2005 I moved to the West Country, to be closer to my husband, and we set up my practice in Frampton Cotterell, and had 2 children. In 2015, my husband and I made the decision that we would like to bring up our children in a more rural location, so we sold my now busy practice and made the change to Somerset, and we have not looked back.

Edington was the perfect location to set up my new osteopathic practice, not far from the doctors surgery, and the local shop. With an ease of access and parking, patients come from a 30 mile radius, in order to experience balance and relief form their pain and discomfort. I work closely with local GP’s, health visitors and midwives. I also encourage links with other local complimentary healthcare professional, by organising regular study groups.

I use my experience and skills to teach other osteopaths how to use cranial osteopathic techniques, by organising workshops and on site training. Meaning that more people can experience the relief and ease from pain and discomfort and move on with their lives.